Cloudberry Forest School Programs

Cloudberry Forest School is Newfoundland's first Forest School.

Forest School is a process that gives children extended, regular and repeated intervals of time in nature. The uniqueness provided in Forest Schools over other outdoor based education programs is the process of learning offered through inquiry based and child directed activities. Through exploration and play children develop a connection with with their surroundings and with each other.

Forest School is a part of a wholistic model of education that allows opportunities for learning in partnership and/or in addition to other types of learning and early learning experiences.

Forest School is run by certified and qualified practitioners trained in education and early learning with additional training in outdoor based practice, site management and program planning. Cloudberry Forest School program staff have trained with trainers and mentors from the UK professional association of practitioners and Forest School Canada. As part of the forest school ethos for practitioners, staff at Cloudberry Forest School programs continually develop their professional practice based on educational and evidence based research.

Cloudberry Forest School will be starting with 2 weeks of 1/2 day summer camp programs (July 14th-18th/August 4th-8th) and a part-time preschool in the fall of 2014 for children ages 3-5 (pre-kindergarten). For more information on dates, times and registration information please contact